The world is falling apart as we speak. Global warming, incomprehensible politics, and all sorts of nonsense that we have now accepted as daily life. I might as well write and tell stories to pass the time until the inevitable Armageddon…

Welcome to my blog!

I wrote for articles, magazines, and websites over the years, but my crown jewels are several short stories and some poetry, some of them recently featured by Timwn in zines which are now available HERE, but that’s only the start. On this website, you will be the first ever to catch a glimpse of my creative process. A majority of my poetry will be featured here as well as rants, quotes I feel are relevant, and the progress with upcoming projects. Speaking of which, I am currently working on my first novel (release date TBD).

I take influence from historical fiction, literary fiction, horror, gothic fiction, and some more unconventional works of writing. Shocking and petrifying my readers is just as fun as having them enjoy my work. As my favorite artist H.R. Giger says, “I’d rather have people hate or feel disgusted by my work than for no one to have seen them.”

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