Timwnas: A Greek Project of Sex and Death


Click HERE to find the above products for sale, along with other erotic and misanthropic zines featuring collage art and writings made for erotic misanthropes.


Conjured from a print shop and a brilliant, sick mind from Greece, Timwnas Timwn is just beginning to publish his zines. For those unfamiliar, zines are like magazines but are self-published and often featuring controversial subjects (my favorite kinds) for a specific niche. Timwnas and I have begun a collaboration where I will be releasing some of new, original poetry and micro-stories that won’t be found anywhere else! If you are a fan of zines and taboo publications, you can also check out Timwnas’ Instagram account HERE so you can see his artwork. We hope to release the upcoming zine later this year, hopefully before December, so keep an eye out for more details!


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