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La Noche de Terror Ciego (1972)

La noche del terror ciego (1972)

An abandoned medieval town, an undead Knights Templar curse, an unexplored love triangle, and one of the funniest scenes in horror cinema. La Noche Del Terror Ciego (or known in English as Tombs of the Blind Dead) is the first of the Blind Dead series created by the pioneer of 70’s Spanish horror, Amando De Ossorio. While the film may have its short-comings, the unintended humor and great effects definitely makes this film worth the watch. After all, who says cheesy equals bad?

My reviews will be spoiler free so that those who wish to see the films I cover will have a chance to experience the magic for themselves. The premise of Ossorio’s film revolves around Virginia and her lover, Roger, as they search for Betty in a medieval ruin said to be running with undead knights cursed after being a after being accused of witchcraft centuries ago.

Some of the hilarious aspects of the film I noticed are the use of jump scares. There isn’t as many as in modern scary movies, but one lead to an angry cat. I dare not spoil the most hilarious scene in the film, but I will say that it lead to me screaming in laughter, and screaming at the dumbass character who ended up locking herself in a way that most children could find their way out. Needless to say, I can only assume she ate a REALLY greasy sandwich in between shots.

The zombies, er’ I mean the undead Templar Knights, had been designed and executed rather well. The decaying faces and hands looked convincing in all-practical effects to rival their American counterparts at the time. Though, being covered in cloaks for most of their onscreen appearances might be cheating, but I digress. The horses the undead knights ride are dressed and painted to appear ghost or skeleton-like even in bright daylight! A portion of the film is even devoted to a unique and well-presented backstory on how and why the knights were cursed. However, in other international versions of the film, this scene depicting the knights is presented at the beginning of the film, before the opening shots of the empty ruins. Sadly, are there are some moments where the effects seemed lacking: i.e. a corpse in a morgue with makeup I can find at my local Spirit Halloween store.

How are the actors? The actors do their job well. The leading ladies are perhaps the best performers who carry the story as Virginia and Betty until their untimely deaths. Roger seems to be just ‘the asshole’ as in the majority of old-school horror, but what movie would be complete without the one who rightfully earns his place to be cannibalized. Even though you might forget their names, you will remember their line deliveries: awkward laughing, the over-exaggerated screams we all come to love, and need I mention miss butterfingers.

Ossorio has rightfully earned the success of the Blind Dead series, the first film alone has everything a vintage-horror fan can enjoy with an dash of Spanish flavor. Overall, I’d say this film is worth an add to your collection of Euro-horror movies, if not at least a rental just to check it out once. A full version of the movie is available for viewing on YouTube (Click Here to see it!) though some audio is missing at the very beginning.

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Shit Show Anthology now available!

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Response to An Anti-civ.

Last night, I have just finished reading Of Indiscriminate Attacks and Wild Reactions, by an author referring to himself as ‘an anti-civ’. I have mentioned here before about my fascination with the ITS and other nihilist groups, which has cumulated to me including their likeness into many of my characters of my poems and stories. I’m not sure if the author is reading this entry. If he is, I must admit first and foremost that only a few short years ago, I described my beliefs close to that of many social anarchists, and I still hold onto dearly many of those ideals: lifting the oppression of the indigenous, the poor, women, queer people, etc. However, recently I started to find the legitimacy of the social anarchists and activists questionable. They did their marches, protests, and even some cool riots here and there, but so far nothing has happened. What is more disturbing to me is that many of these movements have now become mainstream, and worse yet, corporatized. ANTIFA is a new label that appears to be “government approved rebels.” They do their fights with the alt-right and then go home. Despite their skirmishes, the battle never seems to get anywhere, if not into the hands of police and media bait. From this, I began to read and research from the likes of Nietzsche, Albert Camus, and yes the communiques of the ITS. By now, if I was forced to label myself, I would call myself an individualist anarchist with green tendencies and pro-nature with a tint of social and liberalism.

One of the bigger criticisms the author has against of the ITS and their affiliates is their hypocrisy when it comes to their amoral stance. In the text, the author refers to the group as “a Maoist cadre/religious cult painted green with some ham-fisted Nietzschean elitism sprinkled on top” (p21).  Throughout the book, the author makes numerous claims that the ITS immediately outcasts and scowls at those who don’t follow their ideology. Quick YouTube search of “SJW fails” or “ANTIFA fails” will show the left, and even the left anarchist branches, are getting a more authoritarian stance. The common person, whatever race or gender, is often called a racist, misogynist, homophobe, transphobe, and everything else-phobe if he or she asks any question or wishes to enter a debate. Whether we wish to admit to it or not, the millennial left are nowhere near as brave or engaging as those of the past centuries. They (a bit of myself included) have become infantilized, and we are infantilizing others as they join movements. We all know that rallies, organized protests with government permission, boycotts, voting (there’s a Goddamn Anarchists for Bernie Sanders page on Facebook!) don’t work one bit. Never has. Never will. Whatever change we see is only to shut us up for the time being. The trees won’t stop being cut down if there’s a legislation, oceans won’t stop being overfished or bleached with a dozen or so participating in a boycott against Chicken of the Sea, Israel and Palestine will keep shooting each other. Animal liberation Front, and even Earth liberation front have achieved more results that almost every other social movement that has existed in the developed world. As far as I know they are the only anti-civ movement making any concreate action at all, even if it is despicable.

Yes, the ITS and their nihilist buddies are despicable, gross, violent, repulsive, heathen, perhaps even living nightmares. Yet, isn’t that what makes them effective attackers of society? We all know we’re living in a spectacle. This spectacle requires beauty, mathematic perfection, plans, mechanization, it wants to get rid of everything natural. People are already giving up and making up plans to colonize the universe. While I do agree that colonization, racism, and oppression of women within patriarchal societies are important issues within our human world, the focus of the ITS is misanthropic, chaotic, and by pro-wild nature above all else. It would seem to me that anything social or solidarity related is beyond their care, so far as to even praise the ISIS attacks on Barcelona and the bombings of Ted Kaczynski in a somewhat childish way like “this is what you get society.” The ITS claim to the murder of a Mexican woman activist in the UNAM university seems to me more like (whether they actually did it or not) just trolling or picking at the left’s devotion to ending female oppression. After all, most famous of the ITS attacks throughout Latin America are letter bombs to car lots and technology centers. Even though the author makes numerous cases that the ITS are a hyper-male, proto-fascist reaction against the civilized world, I believe that either there are already some female anti-civ nihilists wandering around the Andes or Amazon in South America, or there will be in due time.

The ITS is a group that has captured my fascination. Even though they are a deplorable group, their rage against nanotechnology makes a whole lot of sense. Are we just too used to protests, civil disobedience, and political correctness to see in their crooked eyes?


How I make my poetry

I received some comments some time ago about how I make my poetry. Since I am in the process of revising and reviewing all of my old poems, I think now is a great time to explain my process. The first and perhaps the most important step is to write down your immediate thoughts and feelings onto the page before thinking of the line work, rhythm, sound, etc. Thanks to Free verse, there is no specific rules about how to write poetry other than “make it sound good and appealing” and I feel even that is very subjective. Like the writer’s thoughts and experiences, poetry is fluid and comes in all varieties. Put down everything that excites, hurts, and blows your heart away. The rest will come. Of course don’t forget to read the damn draft out loud and put in the most descriptive words you can, especially when you start the second or third drafts. I attended courses and seminars that emphasized so much on technique and form, but none of them helped me appreciate poetry more than simply reading and writing good poems. If you have a specific feeling or message you wish to get across, read similar poems from poets you aspire, look at paintings that invoke those specific feelings from you, or just make up some stuff from the back files of your memories. Poetry is certainly not an easy feat, but it is certainly a joy to create and read.

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Timwnas: A Greek Project of Sex and Death


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Conjured from a print shop and a brilliant, sick mind from Greece, Timwnas Timwn is just beginning to publish his zines. For those unfamiliar, zines are like magazines but are self-published and often featuring controversial subjects (my favorite kinds) for a specific niche. Timwnas and I have begun a collaboration where I will be releasing some of new, original poetry and micro-stories that won’t be found anywhere else! If you are a fan of zines and taboo publications, you can also check out Timwnas’ Instagram account HERE so you can see his artwork. We hope to release the upcoming zine later this year, hopefully before December, so keep an eye out for more details!

How Far…

Marina Abramovic is legendary for her performance arts exhibits where her body and her kinetic movements become the subjects of her art work. This video and article by the Guardian summarizes and displays Marina’s most infamous art. 

In a gallery in Italy, Marina stands silently in front of a huge crowd along with a table full of instruments (some harmless and some deadly) ans instructed the viewers to do as they wish with her body. 72 hous later, she was moved, forced to assume impossible positions, sexually assualted, and nearly beaten by the everyday people in society. In Marina’s own words, “I thought I was going to a die.” Keep in mind that this violence and brutality came from the ordinary people, not the soldiers, not dangerous spirits, not people in power. Just the average man and woman. In Marina’s state of complete vulnerability, there is no sense of equality or decency. The triumphs of feminism is nowhere to be seen, for women have also taken part of this cruelty. It appears that this evil is internal, or our inherent sin. Humans have long showed capabilites in evil in cruelty in many forms with all sorts of justifications, but pleasure seems to be the one motivation that the masses don’t like to admit. It it not surpursing then as to why people enjoy the humiliation of celebrities in the comfort of their sofas. We build thin shells of strength to withstand the daily cruelties so as to not end up at Marina: battered, raped, degraded, humiliated. 

Was this perhaps a warning about our rotting civilization? Withering morals as they become more shallow and superficial in each generation who becomes reliant on machines for interaction.